Wednesday, March 27, 2002


I have not yet dropped off the face of the earth, though activity on this blog of late might indicate same. Instead, I am on vacation.

I still have internet access where I am, but my days are full and my nights are merry and every night so far I've been too tired to post here. I'm too tired tonight as well, but my conscience simply would not let me allow another day to pass without adding a little something new to this page as a gesture of my love and appreciation to you, my readers.

I could do the standard "Nyeah, it's ____ degrees here and I'm wearing my _____ and sipping a _____ and watching ____ go by" kind of vacation gloating postcard like many of my fellow Saratogans have done or have admitted being tempted to do whilst frolicing in time zones, at latitudes, over bodies of water far from here, but I won't. For one thing, my personal entries for those blanks would not be very interesting at all: 35, boots, Guiness, cars. Pretty much the same entries I'd have were I still in Saratoga.

But, I defy any of my golf-playing, cruise-ship riding, RV-driving, slot machine-stuffing pals to come up with such a worthy collection of quotable quotes to remember their vacations by as these:

"I detect wood."

"Gizmo has dominated the dwarf."

"Quincy tries to steal the mistletoe!" (This announcement made with appropriate TV theme music)

"Best. Commentary. Ever."

"I can't believe I only spent $40 bucks in there. I must be getting old."

And so much more.

I'll have much more to say about all of this and what it has made me realize later on. But for now, having a great time, don't wish you were all here, see you soon, watch out for wandering damage.