Saturday, August 09, 2003


...With the idea of completely messing with the ads that appear in the bar section of this here web page because YHB, complete hobo that she is, is too cheap to actually pay for hosting for this here page.

So, I'm open to suggestions for the best way to screw with the system that one day has COIN DEALERS sponsoring my page and the next day feeder systems based on vocabulary words that appear in the text of my posts.

I'm wondering what kind of ads would appear if I stopped writing about anything but Paracelsus.

Ideas? E-mail me using the handy dandy "Email me, dammit" link on this here page.

Friday, August 08, 2003


The Unabomber wants his stuff back.

Actually, this particular archive, brought to us by The Smoking Gun, is damned interesting. And a little spooky, personally, for Your Humble Blogger. Among the documents you can access from that main link are an eight-page list of his books that were seized. Our libraries are similar, to the point where we have 32 volumes directly in common (meaning the same book in and of itself, outside of "collected works" or other kinds of overlap. If, for instance, we match up my Collected Works of Shakespeare with his individual copies of a few plays, the correlation gets much closer), including some pretty obscure books that I'd always wondered if anyone else in the world had ever heard of like Why Lenin? Why Stalin?.

What sets us apart is that, well, I don't have any bomb-making materials in my shack (unless you count the contents of my sink if I've let the dishwashing go for a few days) (I had to say that before MODPM did), and, well, I do have a computer. And electricity. And, new this summer, a phone line.

But really... we're both fans of Juvenal, of Thomas Hardy, of Joseph Conrad, of Tacitus and Plutarch and Livy, of foreign languages...

Too bad no one ever handed this guy some volumes of Philip K. Dick so that he could see the logical conclusion of his weird paranoias lived out in fiction instead of real life.

Or just let him watch the ducks and the caddisflies and the brown myotis flying free of a midsummer evening.

Or elected him to public office.


Thursday, August 07, 2003


On the same day that I wound up pulling an all-nighter trying to rescue my beloved iBook from oblivion (it completely lost the operating system), and only finally succeeded at about 9:30 a.m. after having finally resigned myself to losing the text of all three of the novels I've been working on, all my digital music files, etc. (in other words, all my data as I restored from the restore disks) I finally tried the last ditch effort of just using the upgrade disk that upgrades the OS from 9.1 to 9.2 and it worked! Everything worked, no data lost, etc, but my day completely ruined by no sleep and periodic panic attacks...

I learned the following.

Al Gore is now on Apple's Board of Directors..

Follow the link if you don't believe me.

This explains everything.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003


That dumb things happen all over the place, and not just here.

A clerk at a comic books store in Dallas has been fined $4000 and sentenced to a term on probation for selling an adult comic to an adult "undercover agent" (what exactly was he trying to uncover?) from the adult section of a big comic book store.

The U.S. Supreme Court denied the man's appeal (effort funded by the wholly laudable Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, so he's stuck.

Full story here.

Because everyone knows that all comic books are actually intended for kids.

Yeah, right. Maus, in which a Holocaust survivor tells his gruesome story to his grandson, was certainly meant for little kids, as was, say, Safe Area Gorazde which details Joe Sacco's real life adventures in the middle of all of the ethnic conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.


Monday, August 04, 2003


Here are the results from last month's little poll on what to do about the deer problem.

A total of 56 unique Saratoga residents* signed at least one of the four forms; not all indicated an opinion on all four, however, so the numbers which follow reflect only those registering opinions on each issue.

HOUSE WATCH - 39 total signatures; 8 YES, 31 NO

TALLER FENCES - 49 total signatures; 39 YES, 10 NO

FEEDING BAN - 47 total signatures, 38 YES, 9 NO

TRAPPING/REMOVAL - 42 total signatures, 14 YES, 28 NO

Pretty much what I was expecting, except I am moderately surprised at how many people seem to want to have little misfired darts full of poisonous tranquilizer flying about the village.

And of course, not a single one of the town's known deer feeders bothered to come down to town hall and register an opinion, though I see the brother, nephew, niece-in-law, step-great-niece, and sister-in-law of one feeder all did come out against the feeding ban.

Tomorrow night we may discuss these results at the council meeting. It's on the agenda anyway. 6 p.m., Saratoga Town Hall. Be there or shuddapuhboutit.